Leading Kitchen Evolution, Cooking Hoods, Gas Hobs, Oven

Fujioh is a Fuji Industrial subsidiary that provides housing equipment to Asia and other world markets. It follows the design philosophy originally developed by Fuji Industrial in Japan.

Fijioh uses Japanese design approaches to provide products designed to meet user needs.For cooker hoods, these needs include efficient rectifier panel intake, carefully designed oil recovery channels, and noise reduction.

The company also has a lineup of gas hobs, ovens and related products. It is working to help enrich the lives of customers by providing a comprehensive lineup of kitchen equipment.

Efficiency and Quality Fujioh is a Japanese-created brand that continually strives to provide genuine ease of use and comfort by addressing customer needs.

Fujioh continues the tradition of manufacturing approaches originally developed by Fuji Industrial, a leader in the Japanese market with a history spanning more than 75 years. Fujioh is providing Asian customers with the benefits of manufacturing techniques developed in Japan, along with high Japanese quality. It is dedicated to helping ease and enrich the lives of customers.

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